The 4K Art Video Decorative is an innovative technique of capture and diffusion. The result gives the striking impression of a long living picture or window on the world.

Here are associated the techniques of landscape photography as well as those of 4K video capture, followed by an important post-production step to create unique atmospheres. The visual quality of this pictures is exceptional.

But technique is nothing without the subject. In search of the most beautiful landscapes that the world can offer us, it cultivates our curiosity by its incredible richness. A watchword, CREATIVITY: Work on color, light, movement, textures, contrasts, depth, framing.

At Video-art, we are convinced that the decoration by the video represents the future, screens are everywhere and more and more fine. Video-art is an innovative concept, a new way to use the screen: the picture becomes decorative, it’s both fixed and subtly alive, the screen is no longer a TV, it becomes a digital frame that is perfectly integrated into your decor and you can change when you want the picture. 

With a natural soundtrack or ZEN music, you fill the visual and auditory space of the atmosphere you want: paradisiac beach and its small wave, alpine river and songs of birds, Venice under the rumbling of Thunderstorms, lavender fields and songs of cicadas ...

A unique collection of more than 300 4K long playing videos (10 min.), Brought to grow every year and realized exclusively for the innovative concept of video decoration DECOBOX.

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