Numerous applications


Hotel : rooms, lounge, restaurant, meeting rooms, sports areas...


Whether in the lobby, the lounges or the rooms, this concept is perfect
for use in high end hotels. This Zen and high-tech form of decoration is sure
to delight guests and can even be an important tool for encouraging loyalty
by offering guests a service they’re unlikely to have encountered before!      

Whatever the style or setting of your hotel, urban, rural, mountain, or seaside,
you’re sure to find picture-videos that will add considerable value to your
existing decoration.           

The guests themselves can easily select the landscape they wish to view on
this digital window in their rooms: just imagine them drifting off to sleep with
a view of Paris lit up by night… and waking up to a magnificent sunrise over
the beach…

Option of inserting advertising : presentation of the hotel and its services
(restaurant, bar, treatments, meeting rooms, sports facilities…)

Hall et salon


Waiting rooms

Relax your patients or clients during their waits and surprise them with truly
innovative decoration. The wait will seem much shorter when they can
contemplate some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.
- Medical professions: general practitioners and specialists, dentists,
analysis laboratories, vets…          
- Other professions: lawyers, notaries, insurers…
- Administrative services and companies.

For refined and relaxing decoration of your waiting rooms.

Option of inserting advertising : Weather forecast, treatments available, prices of services and products, telephone number (queue)..


Private individuals

Welcome to the house of the future! Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom… all the rooms of your home can benefit from a
surprising video frame.  

Creating varied atmospheres in your home has never been easier: in just 2 clicks you can change the landscape in your digital frame!
Or switch to automatic programming and enjoy a huge variety of lively and discreet imagery all day long.                                 

Private individuals who love modern decoration and the city, or are passionate about nature, or simply those who would like to surprise
their guests and friends with high-tech decoration are sure to be delighted by this concept.


Spa and care centers

Ultimate Zen and modern places, Video-art will be a precious ally in your
choice of decoration. Our superb video images combined with carefully
selected natural sounds or Zen music will provide your clients with a truly
unique sensory experience, which is precisely what they want when they
enter your establishment.

A genuine ambiance creator, Video-art living landscapes will fill the visual
and auditory space with a sensation of serenity, wellbeing and escape. An
important asset for achieving your goal: relaxing your clients and leaving
them with good memories that will make them want to come back.

Option of inserting advertising: treatments available, prices, ranges of products sold, opening hours…        


Restaurant, bar

Restaurants and bars can draw an enormous amount of benefit from this
innovative decoration. Video-art offers a striking digital window enabling
you to create a wide range of customisable ambiances for your venue:
romantic views of Venice for dinner for two, beach and wild coastline for
seafood restaurants, the city at night for a lounge bar atmosphere…           

You can be sure customers will appreciate the originality of the concept.
specialised guides will flag focus attention, and word of mouth will do the rest.          

Option of inserting advertising : Display your food or drink menus, announce forthcoming events, themed nights…                 


Company and civil service

Generally considered stressful working environments, introduce an
original ‘Zen’ touch to your office or civil service department. Surprise
your clients, staff and colleagues by providing them with a real element
of visual relaxation that’s discreet but constantly present in offices,
meeting rooms, break rooms…        

Boost your modern and innovative image by integrating Video-art into
your reception area, the resolutely futurist concept for video decoration.

Option of inserting advertising : calendar and statistics that are
configurable daily, waiting times, information…



Shopping malls, retail outlets, opticians, hairdressers, estate
agents… stand out from the crowd and attract customers by enhancing
your business with a digital window that’s sure to attract and amaze.   

Design your TV channel thanks to our numerous options.


Public spaces

Hospitals, railway stations, airports, museums, exhibitions... blends
into a broad range of venues to achieve various goals:

    - lightening the atmosphere in hospitals by offering patients, nurses
and visitors an element of escapism.     
    - making waiting times at railway stations and airports more pleasant for users.
    - energising your museum or exhibition with a truly innovative concept.

Design your TV channel thanks to our numerous options.


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