• Discover the decorative
    frame of tomorrow.
  • Surprise your visitors with this
    INNOVATIVE and high-tech
  • A totally unique concept
    and collection.
  • 4K UHD landscape capture for
    truly exceptional image quality.
  • Create a superb decorative
    and interactive setting...
  • ... that enables you to change
    the image whenever you wish!
  • PRO : VOD menu with smartphone
    control or touchscreen.
  • PRO: Construct your own TV
    channel to broadcast your
    ads, weather forecast...
  • Transform your TV into a
    decorative and relaxing
  • Discover more than 300
    landscapes in long duration
  • Immersion in a range
    of world settings.
  • Create varied atmospheres:
    ocean, city, countryside, mountains.
  • Discover our collection of
    genuine living photos!
  • Simultaneously fixed and
    subtly animated...
  • Amazing effect: the image
    becomes DECORATIVE!
  • PRO : Automatic programming allows
    you to set the duration of the
    images: 30 secs, 2 mins or 10 mins.

When the TV becomes decorative...

Our innovative concept transforms flat screens into living digital pictures!

Video-art.tv creates the living digital frame of tomorrow! You’re familiar with photo frames of landscapes. Today it’s possible to see these same decorative
landscapes come to life in the form of video images shown on your flat screen, framed and perfectly integrated into your interior. And your TV is transformed
into a digital panorama! Innovative and attractive, this video decoration is subtly living and relaxing, offering a pleasant surprise for viewers.              


Switch your TV over to ZEN mode!

Display relaxing pictures instead of a black screen when your TV is off.

Why keep a black rectangle in your living room? Instead of having this dark mass in your room, transform your screen into a living painting by choosing
from our numerous creations. Create ZEN and deliciously relaxing long playing atmospheres. Discover a whole new way of using your TV when you’re
not watching your favourite programmes by displaying decorative “screen savers”. Say goodbye to a torrent of aggressive images, such as loud video
clips or new channels… and switch your TV over to ZEN mode.                                     


A unique and creative production.

Our concept: to combine landscape photography with long duration 4K UHD video capture

We are first and foremost audiovisual producers, and our production is quite unique: combining the techniques of professional landscape photography
with fixed and long duration 4K UHD video capture, providing you with ultra-realistic living photos that you can display all day long to create a really
amazing effect: the image becomes decorative! It will immerse you in a range of superb atmospheres, giving you the feeling of genuinely
“getting away from it all”, like a digital window onto the world


Frame our screens!

Create a digital frame, create a decorative object.

Carefully select the frame that will harmonise perfectly with your interior. You’re sure to find the frame that’s right for you from the ranges of traditional frames,
from simple, slim and discreet frames up to the largest and most decorative! By blending style with technology, framing is undoubtedly the most elegant
and original way of integrating your flat screens into their settings, especially when it comes to displaying our magnificent picture-videos.


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