Exclusive production

Living landscapes... so "deco"!

You’ll be amazed by the beauty and the diversity of our landscapes.

Video-art.tv offers you a collection of unique long playing landscapes with more than 300 mood videos exclusively devoted to the concept of
creating atmosphere and video decoration. These living photos of cities, sea, mountains and countryside continually inspire our creativity.

We painstakingly research and select the different locations we use as well as the composition of our images: balanced, harmonious, depth, colourful,
and contrasting… an image that’s pleasant to look at… an image that’s quite simply “deco”! We produce new videos every year in order to increase
the image library and to continually refresh your visual and auditory experience.


Incredible realism thanks to 4K definition

Our collection of landscapes is available in new 4K UHD resolution.

The new 4K UHD resolution offers you a whole new level of hitherto unseen detail, 4 times superior to Full HD! This new definition makes landscapes so
realistic that you could easily believe you’re looking out of a window onto a real landscape!    


The effect is particularly striking with extremely large image sizes, such as 55 or 65-inch screens, video walls or video projectors, which offer incredible
realism and total immersion in the image! Do you think you wouldn’t be able to take full advantage with your smaller 40" Full HD screen?                 
Well think again! Even converted to Full HD, an image that’s initially produced in 4K provides you with far superior precision!        


Auto-programming : a choice of 6 TV channels

Select your atmosphere: Ocean, City, Countryside, Mountain or Creative!

The TV channels enable you to create genuine themed atmospheres by presenting several hours’ worth of programmed uninterrupted images! They
are based around 4 main themes: ocean, city, mountains and countryside. But you also have a creative channel, which offers a range of artistically
retouched pictures, making these images truly decorative. The "World" channel groups all the themes together and enables you to vary the atmospheres.

The menu also gives you access to a very important setting: the duration of each image displayed by the TV channels. A long 10-minute display offers calm,
discreet and subtle decoration of which you never tire. Short durations of 2 minutes and extremely short durations of 30 seconds accelerate the rhythm,
offering more animated decoration that’s perfect for walk-through areas such as lobbies, or simply because that’s what you fancy at a certain time of day!


Choose your sound ambiance

Allow yourself to be soothed by natural sounds or by relaxing Zen music.

You select the option from the menu: natural sounds or Zen music. Natural sounds will immerse you completely in the atmosphere of the landscapes:
the sound of trickling water, waves, wind, birdsong or the buzz of insects, lively city sounds… The Zen music is a random selection of slow soundtracks
that have been specially selected and are free of royalties. It provides perfect complementarity with the sound and image displayed on the screen.
The visual and auditory space in the room is thus filled with a sensation of beauty and serenity!


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