High-end product

A perfect image up to 4K UHD 

Broadcast videos without jerks or interruptions in a fully automated way.

Our top of the range appliances, Panel PC or remote Box, guarantee you an optimal image, unlike streaming, and with good reason: the videos are read
directly from the integrated 1 TB (or more) hard disk. Combined with a powerful processor, your appliance is capable of storing and reading up to
several hundred 10-minute videos in 4K UHD or Full HD and And without any intervention on your part!


The box for all your projects

Software and media in a box just 2 cm thick, available in Full HD or 4K!

You’re already equipped with screens? You’d like to install Video-art in damp locations such as a thalassotherapy or balneo, Jacuzzi or spa? You’d like
to create a wall of images for total immersion in our landscapes? Our “remote box” solution is ideal for all these situations and to meet all your needs.

Plugged into a 60-inch screen, 4K UHD, or a watertight screen (IP65), a video projector or a wall screen, our top of the range player combines power with an
extremely compact size, offering you a sublime image! Plug & Play system: all you need to do is connect our box via the HDMI and switch it on.
Ultra-compact: just 2 cm thick for easy integration.


Panel PC : the "all-in-one" 

Simply attach your digital screen to the wall, plug it in and switch on! 

The Panel PC is a full HD screen with integrated PC, which makes installation particularly easy: all you need to do is attach it to the wall and plug it in,
just like a classic screen. It consists of a top of the range professional screen designed to broadcast 24/7, and is available in 3 sizes,
40 inches (102 cm), 46 inches (117 cm) or 55 inches (140 cm), and in touchscreen!

The integrated PC boasts a powerful processor and a 1 TB hard disk, all in a device just 5 cm thick! This genuine all-in-one digital screen is both
slim and autonomous, technological achievement that is now available to everyone.             


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