Interactive solutions

A dedicated and intuitive menu

We have designed the ideal menu for easy and pleasant navigation.

In the process of inventing the decorative frame of the future, the menu was at the centre of our concerns. Would you like to change the picture? Nothing
could be simpler, just press the OK button on the ultra-simple remote control and a VOD-type menu will open. Menu navigation is particularly intuitive: 
The menu allows you to choose a TV channel or to consult the panorama collections, based around 4 themes: Ocean, City, Mountain and Countryside.

You directly access our new features or your personalised channels (on request). At the bottom of the menu, you can choose between “natural sounds” and “mood
music”, as well as the duration of each panorama displayed by the different TV channels: short (30 secs), medium (2 mins), or long (10 mins).



Select with your fingertips: it’s even easier and more fun!

We can offer you the ultimate in decorative digital frames with the touch-sensitive version! Imagine this futuristic object providing you access to a superb collection
of hundreds of decorative video-panoramas with just a light touch of your finger... Anyone can select the programme of their choice at any time: the manager of the
establishment, employees, customers, even a child!


You can advertise!

Insert your visuals between our videos and transmit information directly to your customers.

Video-art contains dynamic display software enabling you to insert your advertising videos and set the frequency with which they appear. You provide us with your video
media, select the duration of each viewing and we will take care of the programming. You can change both the media and the viewing frequency on a regular basis.
Broadcast between Zen and calming videos, your more animated advertising will certainly attract your customers’ attention!


Construct your own TV channel.

Weather, menu, schedule, banners, waiting times… for an informative display in real time.

Construct your own TV channel with our programmes as your basis, using our various dynamic and entirely configurable dynamic display options every day from your
computer: inform people about the weather, restaurant menus, activity schedules, company statistics etc… or communicate messages with ease on a daily basis through
the use of banners at the bottom of the screen. Do you have a very specific need? Our team of programmers can provide you with a made-to-measure plug-in.


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